Lately, I’ve been contributing to open source development projects on DuckDuckGo and working on the Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree.

I’ve also collaborated with other software engineers to build some pretty neat projects. Here are a few of my favorites:

Tweet Insight

Tweet Insight is a visual interface for querying and analyzing conversations that take place on Twitter. Our platform is for non-technical researchers and digital marketers who would like to analyze clean data from the Twitter API, but prefer to use a graphical interface to design their query, build data visualizations, and export raw data. Repo for the Twitter Streaming API ingestion service is here.


GitPal is a social platform for GitHub users to connect and collaborate based on interests and skill level. Users can browse available open source projects, see other users interested in collaborating on those projects, and chat with their pair as they work together. 


Recipe Archive is a platform to capture, tag, and save handwritten recipes. After uploading pictures of their saved recipes, users can search for their recipes by name or tag.